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A curated selection of jewellery and objects handcrafted in 925 Sterling silver designed by Conie Vallese & Orit Elhanati

The collection draws on inspiration from the
elegance inherent to the Gothic Victorian
epoch and is a tangible embodiment of Vallese
and Elhanati’s profound historical fascination,
encapsulating their pursuit of crafting
functional art that seamlessly bridges temporal
heritage with contemporary refinement.
Gothic and Victorian aesthetics intertwine with
nostalgic elements from the 90s, resulting in a
series of elegant masterpieces that blend the
past with a modern twist. The collaboration
is a testament to the artists’ unwavering
commitment to their craft and their relentless
pursuit of evocative beauty. The resulting
collection merges gothic Victorian aesthetics
with nostalgic 90s elements, transforming art
into wearable forms that captivate and enchant.
The wearable artworks transcend accessories;
they become an integral part of the bearers
identity, an extension of the skin, and an
addition to the everyday wardrobe. From
icy winters to scorching summer nights, the
collection caters to diverse seasons, reflecting
the spirit of an era that has long disappeared.
Drawing inspiration from old paintings,
museum artifacts, and the pages of ancient
books, the artists have infused a vintage charm
into each piece. The pieces are handcrafted in
sterling silver, using hammering and dripping
techniques ELHANATI is known for. The silver
has been treated with oxidizing techniques to
achieve an antique matte finish, creating a sense
of timeless allure. When combined with black
spinels and diamonds, the Victorian influence
becomes apparent, adding an air of mystique
and royal elegance. Black, the embodiment of
danger and intrigue, takes on new meaning
as the collection’s signature color mixed with
antique silver finishes.
The collection embraces the force of nature,
found in silent mystical gardens. The flower
represents fertility and embodies the essence of
womanhood. It symbolizes strength, grace, and
the delicate beauty that appears in unexpected
places. Whether adorning a woman lounging
on a Sicilian beach in a bikini or gracing a red
carpet affair, these designs effortlessly transition
from casual to glamorous. Like silhouettes
captured on old Italian film, they have explored
the silence and depth of this project over the
course of several years. The end result is a
collection that pays homage to noble tradition
while embracing innovative designs. It has
inspired the artists to embark on new creative
journeys, pushing the boundaries of their
individual styles. The shared passion and
admiration for each other’s work have fostered
a transformative experience, resulting in a
harmonious fusion of ideas and creations.
Launching on October 4, 2023, the limited
edition of the first release of the collection
consists of three earrings, three rings, eight
necklaces, a bracelet and a hairpin and a
brooch, handcrafted in sterling silver with black
diamonds and spinels.